Sagittarius born on December 12

Planet: Jupiter

You are an affectionate person who is a deeply romantic soul.

You have great insight and are extremely sensitive to how others feel.

Always willing to help people less fortunate, you are naturally charitable.

Less scrupulous people can take advantage of your good nature but you are immensely forgiving.

As born on December 12 your weakness is that you can be over-sentimental, verging on being gushy.

With your magnificent creative talents you can capture the minds and hearts of your generation.

Careers as a poet, artist or singer all appeal; your problem is choosing just one path.

Relationships can be idealized as you tend to fall hopelessly in love and are often attracted to people you feel you can save.

Recognizing this pattern will help you to find a more stable partner who will support you.

Sailing is the perfect recreation for you.