Sagittarius born on December 1

Planet: Jupiter

As born on December 1 you are an enthusiastic and forthright person who lives life in the fast lane.

Not noted for patience, you relish a challenge and move quickly from one project to the next.

You are big-hearted and a lot of fun to be around.

However, sensitivity isn’t your strong suit and your comments, though often spot on, can be blunt and bruise people.

You are fiery and have enormous drive and always look on the bright side of life.

You love to gamble and are not averse to taking risks, so have all the qualities of an entrepreneur.

Love affairs are dramatic, but your weakness is that you tend not to listen to what your partner is really saying as you are so busy rushing about.

Physically, you can easily get burned out, so refuel your batteries with healthy ‘super-foods’ and the occasional day of complete rest.

Strengths: Tremendous drive and enthusiasm.

Weaknesses: Insensitive, blunt.