Leo born on August 8

Planet: The Sun

As born on August 8 you are a highly competitive person who needs a sense of danger to feel really alive.

You are entranced by challenge and constantly creating life and death dramas that you have to overcome.

You are incredibly passionate with strong desires and ideals.

You automatically take command in a crisis and people respect you as the number one.

You do, however, have the tendency to be stubborn and possessive and won’t let go of a project even when others advise you to do so.

You bring intensity to all your relationships; they are never dull.

Even if you stray you expect your mate to give you unquestioning loyalty.

You can remain an elusive, enigmatic personality; it would take a lifetime to unravel your complexity.

Your emotions can take over, so the tranquillity of water, especially the ocean, calms you.