Leo born on August 5

Planet: The Sun

You are a magnetic and warm-hearted person whose life is a journey of self-discovery.

You are an inspiration and give yourself totally to whatever endeavour you get involved with.

As born on August 5 you are best suited to being in a managerial or executive role and do not take kindly to being in a menial position.

You are hopeless at detail – it just doesn’t interest you.

You radiate out into the world and to be successful you need others to appreciate you.

Be mindful that your ego can be overwhelming and you need to give other people some time in the limelight.

Your passionate nature can lead to temptation in relationships; if your partner doesn’t adore you constantly, you’ll swap them for someone who does.

The theatre is a wonderful arena for you, and amateur dramatics is a way to get your needs met.