Virgo born on August 30

Planet: Mercury

As born on August 30 you are a light-hearted and witty person with a natural flair for comedy as your timing is superb.

You have many strings to your bow – you are musical, artistic and, when you put your mind to it, skilled at writing.

You have a talent for quick repartee and love to chat, as you enjoy observing and analyzing people.

You dabble with ideas and can be easily side-tracked and seduced by the latest trend.

Variety is your life-blood and your ever-changing personality is both youthful and entertaining.

However you can be fickle and in relationships you need a partner to help you explore your emotional side.

You are curious so self-improvement courses would interest you.

You can get swamped by too much information, so having a really good spring clean on a regular basis does wonders for clearing your head.