Leo born on August 3

Planet: The Sun

You are a youthful and optimistic person out of whom a message of hope and positivity shines.

You are persuasive and believe in causes with all of your heart.

You can be a political activist and you like to move in influential circles.

You need to be admired for the work you do.

You are a perennial student in the sense that you love to try out new things.

However, you can find it hard to focus on one thing at a time.

As born on August 3 you need a partner to be your ally and loyal supporter as opposed to someone who will challenge you.

At times you can appear naive and childlike, and this emotional immaturity can play havoc with your relationships.

Humour is your saving grace and can lift you up when things get tough.

When the blues descend, keep to yourself and watch a comedy until your mood changes.