Virgo born on August 29

Planet: Mercury

As born on August 29 you are an extraordinary and reliable person with a deft touch.

You have a superb mind and your intellect can border on genius.

You can get obsessed with detail but then come up with inventive and inspired ideas.

You can be rebellious and are not by nature a conformist.

You have progressive ideals that concern large groups of people, so politics or social work are eminently suitable for you.

You enjoy observing other people’s behaviour, so a favourite activity is to hang out at a pavement cafe watching the world go by.

You have a quirky sense of humour and there is a humility about you.

In relationships it’s not easy for you to trust, so you can come across as overly detached, missing out on deeper emotions.

Friends matter to you and being in a support group, learning about emotional intelligence, will greatly reward you.