Virgo born on August 27

Planet: Mercury

As born on August 27 you are a person with impeccable morals and integrity, and set yourself high standards.

You admire the hierarchical system and have a deep respect for justice and the law.

Your life is all about being of service and you have a genuine concern for your fellow human beings, but you can be judgemental of others for their lack of charity.

A deep-seated love of learning attracts you to the educational professions.

You adore travelling to far-flung places, and with your eye for detail and appreciation of factual information, you would also be a superb tour guide or travel writer.

In relationships you are restless and find it hard to settle down.

Your partner needs to give you the freedom to stretch your wings and also have their own exploits to share with you.

An impromptu picnic is the perfect antidote for all your worthwhile work.