Virgo born on August 25

Planet: Mercury

As born on August 25 you are a charming and gracious person with a gift for using the right words at the right time.

You carefully measure what you say and are always courteous, so are popular and well-liked.

Integrity matters to you and you live by a high moral code – which you expect everyone else to follow too.

You also have a love of justice and fair play, so you are attracted to the legal professions.

Your worst trait is your habit of sitting on the fence, dissecting every nuance of a question in your mind, so that you lose impetus and spontaneity.

You enjoy one-to-one relationships with many friends and your lover has to be your intellectual equal.

You avoid conflict and can be too ‘nice’ which infuriates your partner.

A sport such as tennis where you get into healthy competition would help you express your passion.