Leo born on August 23

Planet: The Sun

As born on August 23 you are a hard-working person with a playful child inside you that just has to be expressed.

With your innate artistic flair you are dedicated to being the best at what you do, and will practise laboriously to perfect any weakness.

Your nature is to be useful but there is also a part of you that loves showing off – although this is just a mask for your self-consciousness.

In relationships you crave appreciation and to be recognized for your talent.

If your partner neglects to do this, you can sulk.

However, you cannot be pushed into the spotlight and at times you can be shy and excessively modest.

This ambivalence can make it difficult for people to know where they stand.

Winter isn’t a good time for you.

You need sunshine.

Taking a short break somewhere hot will restore your spirits at this time of year.