Leo born on August 21

Planet: The Sun

You are a light-hearted inquisitive person who is very adaptable and ambitious.

You have well developed communication skills and are both resourceful and a quick learner.

You have a strong sense of honour combined with flexibility.

Although you like to be in the leadership position, you don’t care for hierarchy.

You excel at creative writing.

As born on August 21 you appeal to children and the young at heart.

In romance it is hard to pin you down; you can be like a butterfly, always moving around.

You are a born narcissist and need many people to adore you.

Your partner can nudge you if you get too pompous.

Your biggest asset is the ability to laugh at yourself.

You love the sun and don’t do well in a damp climate.

Hot saunas would give you the tonic you need in the depths of winter.