Leo born on August 20

Planet: The Sun

You are a generous and sincere person with an expressive, almost theatrical, personality.

You know what you want in life and set yourself a series of goals in order to achieve it.

As born on August 20 you have good financial common sense and in business you know what makes sense commercially.

You have a large appetite for life and are very talented.

You can achieve success in whatever you turn your hand to.

You would do well in the fashion business when it is your name on the label.

You can, however, be quite scathing and forthright in your opinions yet people still love you.

You need to shine and be adored.

You don’t take criticism well.

Your relationships matter to you.

You are an intensely amorous lover with a tactile nature.

Keeping a pet you can stroke is a lovely way to keep you relaxed.