Leo born on August 2

Planet: The Sun

You are a charismatic and magnetic person with a love for splendour and magnificence.

As born on August 2 you take great delight in creating a lifestyle in which you can enjoy the good things in life.

You have a touch of the showman about you.

Your flamboyant and glamorous personality are reflected in your taste at home – gilded mirrors, thick metallic blankets, flowers and fur.

Gold is your favourite colour – and you love real gold, too.

You are a creative person who can produce things that people want, whether that’s an artistic experience or an exquisitely hand-made chocolate.

You need a reliable mate, someone beautiful and who always matches your style.

You can be stubborn and tend to see things from your point of view so need to learn to be more flexible.

You love perfume – a deliciously scented bath is ideal to relax you.