Leo born on August 19

Planet: The Sun

You are a bright star, someone who will make a mark on the world for a long time and from a very early age.

As born on August 19 you have a natural charisma and charm that both men and women adore; you make them feel special and in turn they respond by giving you whatever you want.

You desire power and status and will work long hours to achieve success.

You exude an aura of confidence but in your youth can be self-questioning and doubt your ability.

You have very high standards of excellence and set tests for others.

You view relationships as serious and enduring, and whatever happens between you and a partner you’ll stay and sort it out.

You can be vain and seduced by flattery.

Your gifts of leadership are well used when you donate time to helping others.

A social sport such as golf would help you unwind.