Leo born on August 18

Planet: The Sun

You are an expressive and outspoken person who has a strong desire to use the example of their own life to teach people how to expand their minds and explore what the world has to offer.

You cannot be limited and have to give full rein to your creativity and vision – which is big.

As born on August 18 you love horses and the wildness of the outback, and feel most alive when roaming across wide open spaces.

A brilliant raconteur, your stories have a moral to them.

You love with a passion and are very dramatic, but your tendency not to commit to a long-term relationship suggests that you avoid deep emotions.

You could have many romances until you meet your intellectual equal, who will keep you on your toes.

Staying still is difficult for you, and burn out is a real danger if you neglect to eat and rest.

Superfoods and vitamins will support you.