Leo born on August 16

Planet: The Sun

As born on August 16 you are an expressive and outgoing person with a compelling and noble presence.

Generally, you have a very positive outlook on your own life and on the lives of others, and always see the best in people.

You have a unique style and a luminous quality, with a boundless zest for life.

People gravitate towards you and choose you to lead the way.

You can come across as imperious; you will always delegate unpleasant tasks to others.

At times you are controversial and provocative.

You can deliberately stir things up as you enjoy a heated debate of opposing views.

You revel in relationships and will choose a partner who likes to spar with you; you enjoy the making up after a fight, but don’t overdo the rows.

If you give back to others the flattery you so love to receive, the resulting tenderness will reward you.