Leo born on August 15

Planet: The Sun

As born on August 15 you are a radiant and hearty person with a robust sense of humour.

You are self-contained to the point where you can appear aloof at times.

You need a stage and will patiently work towards a position of being in the centre.

People look up to you and admire your perseverance and integrity.

Constant seeking to improve yourself can make you too analytical.

You are very moral and have a prudent side.

In your relationships you need to be in charge; your household can appear to be run like a well-oiled machine.

The overly critical side of your nature can block your creativity.

Nevertheless, you are still a superb artisan and fine craftsman, which is where your attention to detail is an asset.

A sport – such as golf – which allows you to demonstrate your skill will help steady your sometimes skittish temperament.