Leo born on August 14

Planet: The Sun

You are a giving person with a huge personality that lights up the world.

Full of sunshine and love, you share yourself with all and sundry – however, you are easily flattered and so find it hard to see when people are trying to use you.

You are an individualist and treat life as a play with you in the leading role; as long as you are in the spotlight all is well in your world.

This contradiction in your nature can confuse those around you.

In relationships you need to be the star, so do well with a partner who is willing to be back stage but hugely supportive.

You can be too self-centred and if you don’t get what you want you can indulge in a temper tantrum.

As born on August 14 your fiery energy needs expression.

One way for you to lighten up is by playing charades, where everyone gets a chance to shine.