Leo born on August 11

Planet: The Sun

As born on August 11 you are an original, a person with a delicious sense of the ridiculous and whimsy.

You have a fertile imagination and will experiment with unusual, yet inspired, combinations.

You stand out in a group as the one with creative flair and will naturally be elected to lead.

In politics you are a radical and will rebel against the status quo.

But, however far you are from the majority, you still want people to respect you and treat you like a king/queen.

You can be infuriating when you are unwilling to listen to other people’s points of view.

In relationships you need closeness and affection but also space and personal freedom.

Travelling with your work, so you are not constantly at home, keeps your relationship alive and stops boredom setting in.

However, be aware of overworking; let others care for you.