Leo born on August 10

Planet: The Sun

As born on August 10 you are a highly gifted person, a professional with unique capabilities.

You have a natural lust for life and take a bold approach to all you do.

Proud of your achievements, you need to be honoured with certificates, a university degree or a seat on the board.

Although you enjoy parties, you are also perfectly happy with your own company.

You possess enormous dignity but your pride can be hurt if people don’t show you respect or – even worse – if they laugh at you.

You won’t show your hurt; your self-control sees to that.

You adore romance and are extravagant with your partner, showering affection on them.

Looks matter, and you need someone who is both attractive and worthy of your respect.

You need to let your defences down so playing silly games is an antidote to your seriousness.