Leo born on August 1

Planet: The Sun

As born on August 1 you are a passionate and creative person with strong and vibrant leadership qualities.

You are intuitive and fiery, with a lot to express and give to the world.

Your self-confidence is such that you know – not believe – you are the centre of the universe and have a group of adoring followers who simply love you and everything you have to offer.

You are talented, love drama and are well suited to the stage.

You have innate courage and will risk all for what you believe in.

You also have a very tender side and are relationship orientated.

You give wholeheartedly to your partner and, male or female, are very chivalrous.

You can be too self-centred and need to have someone by your side to bring you back down to earth.

You can easily burn yourself out and need someone around to remind you to take better care of yourself.