Aries born on April 8

Planet: Mars

As born on April 8 you are a charismatic, intense person and are on this Earth to make a statement with your life.

You believe in your own abilities and your inner core is strong and resourceful.

Whatever life throws up, you can survive; crises are the making of you.

You have a penchant for investigating the dark side of life.

While mainly quietly purposeful, you can be overly dramatic and come on too strong.

You care what people think of you and need their approval, so cooling down your approach is necessary if you want to win them over.

You need a strong partner to match you.

Once you have found them you make a formidable team.

You have enormous powers of endurance.

Hard physical exercise – such as rowing or hitting the dancefloor with a strenuous routine – helps you release excess energy.