Aries born on April 7

Planet: Mars

You are eager for life, a passionate person with an enthusiasm that is endearing yet tinged with emotional naivity.

As born on April 7 you are a lover, who needs a leading man/lady to play opposite you.

As an idealist, you seek the truth, but can often argue for an opposing view just to create lively debate and get people stirred up!

You are prone to jealousy and this leads to fights with your lover.

However, for you, anger is a form of foreplay which leads to the pleasure of making up, but be aware that this way of behaving can be difficult for a lover to cope with.

Nevertheless a committed relationship would be the making of you.

Once you master your emotions you are a born leader, skilled in the art of diplomacy.

Vigorous physical activity – such as a good workout at the gym – is the best release when your temper gets too hot.