Aries born on April 4

Planet: Mars

As born on April 4 your charisma appeals to all ages.

An artist with a rich imagination, you have innate charm, with a natural flair in all you accomplish.

You can stun people with your unique talents.

Your creativity comes in fits and starts and you can be unpredictable depending on how you feel about a project.

Your sensitivity is both a blessing and a curse.

When upset you sulk and nurse your wounds, but, like a child, you are ready to play the next day.

In love, you are seeking to be mothered, and will test your partner to see if they care for you even when you throw a tantrum.

You can get homesick and gain great comfort from childhood comforts – an old teddy bear or a home-made apple pie will make you feel rested once more.

Once you learn to mother yourself, you’ll be an excellent partner.