Taurus born on April 29

Planet: Venus

You are an innovative person with high ideals and the resourcefulness to put them into practice.

You have an excellent mind and a strong sense of identity.

As born on April 29 you are clear and frank in your communications.

You are creative and what you produce has a refreshing originality about it.

You are best suited to being self-employed.

You love working with the public and interacting with lots of people.

You are utterly honest and highly principled in your dealings.

You are attracted to unusual people as potential love partners.

A strong mental rapport is essential if a relationship is to last.

Your ideal partner is one you see as your best friend.

You can be grumpy if things don’t go your way.

You are prone to inertia and mood swings and need to relax in the evenings to rest your nervous system.