Taurus born on April 25

Planet: Venus

You are a refined person with brilliant skills of diplomacy and making people feel at ease.

You are well suited to working in any aspect of fashion or beauty.

Your impeccable taste and good manners would help you thrive in the upmarket retail business.

You could well study ballet or classical dance, because you adore rhythmic movement and are extremely graceful.

As born on April 25 you inspire others with your beauty and could be a muse for an artist or poet.

Relationships are vital to you so you are never alone for long.

You revel in the trappings of romance – the candlelit dinner and the box of chocolates.

You can suffer from the constant need to be liked, tending to hide your true feelings so as not to upset people.

This can appear fake, so being direct and honest with people would win their respect.