Taurus born on April 24

Planet: Venus

As born on April 24 you are a highly skilled person who loves to create beautiful things.

You have a natural talent for intricate work using your hands.

You pay great attention to detail and can become obsessed with the tiniest of blemishes or imperfections.

Whatever you do is to a high standard of excellence that people will pay for.

You are a true professional and work hard, long hours.

You are patient and will save up to afford the best-quality items for your home.

You are a good organizer and planner and an invaluable member of a team because you consider everyone’s needs.

In romance you are affectionate and thoughtful.

At home, with your family, you need to let go of your need to keep everyone on a strict timetable.

Use your sense of humour, laugh at yourself and you’ll endear yourself to your loved ones even more.