Taurus born on April 21

Planet: Venus

You are a person who has a way with words.

You combine a lightness of touch with a delightful turn of phrase that is sheer poetry.

You can use your gifts as a writer commercially and make a superb copywriter in advertising.

As born on April 21 you are immensely witty and persuasive, so selling comes naturally to you.

An eloquent speaker, people love listening to you.

You adore being with people of all ages and backgrounds.

You have a chameleon quality that allows you to blend in and mix in a variety of groups.

Your youthful, enquiring spirit demands that your love partner is forever learning something new to keep the relationship alive.

At times you can be absentminded, restless and easily distracted, so soft music rather than watching TV restores your soul at the end of the day.