Aries born on April 20

Planet: Mars

As born on April 20 you have a flair for living, with a strong sensuality and magnetic appeal to both men and women.

In public life you are dominant, yet in private you are yielding and soft.

You possess formidable drive and energy that can be overwhelming for some.

If you don’t want to do something no one can persuade you, you just dig your heels in.

You enjoy your successes, you know you deserve them.

You never like to be taken for granted by your lover and are possessive and prone to jealousy, maybe due to your own roving eye.

You can brood if you’re ignored and sometimes you find it hard to throw off your moods.

Once you get going again – a splendid meal and a glass of wine helps – you are irresistible once more.

If that fails, a good night’s sleep always works to restore your bonhomie.