Aries born on April 2

Planet: Mars

You are both gentle yet tough, diplomatic yet tactless.

You are an enigma and very attractive to be with.

You adore the opposite sex and they feel your admiration.

You ooze a self-confidence which others envy.

As born on April 2 you love the material world and love to spend the considerable amount of money you can earn.

You are determined to get what you want and you can rush in with undue haste which you regret later.

Your sense of humour borders on the risqué, but you can get away with it if the occasion is right.

You make an adorable companion and always have a partner on your arm.

A special relationship is essential for you, and two weeks alone has you climbing up the walls.

You know how to take care of yourself.

A good massage is essential for your peace of mind.