Aries born on April 19

Planet: Mars

You are a real go-getter, a person with a certain cheekiness that comes out of the blue as you can adopt a serious manner on first meeting.

You are prodigious in your output, and your work is your life.

You are devoted to truth and can get quite arrogant if someone dares to challenge your belief.

Although you make fun of the establishment, you respect the law.

You are unwavering in your rise to the top, and you get there – however long it takes you.

As born on April 19 you have an essentially practical way of looking at life with an earthiness that people respect.

When you fall in love it is with a passion that takes your beloved by surprise.

Commitment is second nature for you so you can marry young but to an older person.

Unwind by exploring the child’s world of play: build sandcastles and swim with dolphins.