Aries born on April 18

Planet: Mars

You are spontaneous and here to enjoy life.

You are ardent and passionate and love to gamble – you will risk all for what you believe in.

Foreign cultures excite you and you are keen to explore different religions.

You always see the good in people and are unaware of the flaws in some of your enterprises.

Your optimism is contagious and people love your openness and childlike trust in life.

As born on April 18 you are gregarious and in all your relationships you are uncomplicated, and direct.

A partner needs to understand that you require freedom and space to do your own thing.

At times you can verge on being bawdy which surprises your more delicate colleagues.

In an argument you feel you are right which results in a showdown.

Back off and ask the question, do you want to be right or happy?