Aries born on April 14

Planet: Mars

Your noble manner and integrity have been part of who you are since childhood.

As born on April 14 you have a social magnetism that exudes vitality.

People respect you and want to be in your inner circle.

Your intensity, deep convictions, warmth and intelligence are the ingredients to your success in life.

Your streak of ‘devil may care’ can lead you to risk all for love and romance.

For your relationships to work, you need to have respect for your partner.

You have very high standards – only the best will do.

If your pride is hurt or you are ignored, you suffer loudly and march off.

This can lead you to extravagance, and indulgence in retail therapy on a grand scale.

If you really need some pampering and to be made to feel special, having a facial or a great haircut might be easier on the wallet.