Aries born on April 11

Planet: Mars

As born on April 11 you are full of bright ideas and a real people-person.

You have an offbeat way of looking at the world.

You can express your controversial views with such passion that people pull back, then they hear what you have to say and become fervent supporters.

Routine bores you and you’re not great at finishing what you’ve started.

You thrive on change.

You are best being self-employed and will work long into the night if the inspiration takes you.

You are an anarchist and can find your niche in the media, fashion or film industries where you can express your originality.

In romantic relationships you are looking for a friend first, a lover second.

Your ideal partner keeps you guessing as well as being your best companion.

You would do well to combine physical exercise with having fun, so frisbee was invented for you.