Aries born on April 1

Planet: Mars

You are a one off, a truly courageous person who leads the way with a pioneering spirit.

You are prepared to risk everything, moving fast and without undue thought into uncharted territory.

You are a true hero, never stopping to think of your own safety when your instincts tell you that someone or something needs your help.

As born on April 1 you have a forceful personality that people either love or loathe – you are not subtle! You can be very independent so a partnership can create difficulties.

You can’t bear to be number two.

It works best if your partner has a life of their own, so when you do get together it’s a honeymoon rather than a fight.

You can burn out and neglect your body so your diet is of vital importance to keep your energy levels high.

Remember that even the best-made engine needs an oil change!