Aries Woman Virgo Man

Quite often the Virgo man will seem like too much of a fussbud-get to wake up deep romantic interests in an Aries. Generally, he’s cool, calm, and very collected. Torrid romancing to him is just so much sentimental mush.
He can do without it and can make that quite evident in short order. He’s keen on chastity and if necessary can lead a sedentary, sexless life without caring too much about the fun others think he’s missing. In short, the average Aries woman is quite likely to find him a first-class dud.
His lack of imagination and dislike for flights of fancy can grate on an Aries nerves no end. He’s correct and likes to be handled correctly. Most things about him will be orderly. “There’s a place for everything and everything in its place,” is likely an adage he’ll fall on quite regularly.
He does have a heart, however, and the Aries woman who finds herself attracted to his cool, feet-flat-on-the-ground ways will find that his is a constant heart, not one that cares for flings or sordid affairs. Virgos take an awfully long time before they start trying to rhyme moon with spoon and June, but when and if they get around to it, they know what they’re talking about.
The impulsive Aries had better not make the mistake of kissing her Virgo friend on the street—even if it’s only a peck on the cheek. He’s not at all demonstrative and hates public displays of affection. Love, according to him, should be kept within the confines of one’s home, with the curtains drawn.
Once he believes that you’re on the level with him, as far as your love is concerned, you’ll see how fast he can lose his cool. Virgos are considerate, gentle lovers. He’ll spend a long time, though, getting to know you. He’ll like you before he loves you.
An Aries-Virgo romance can be a lifetime thing. If the bottom ever falls out, don’t bother to reach for the mending tape. Nine times out of ten, he won’t care about patching up. He’s a once-burnt-twice-shy guy. When he crosses your telephone number out of his address book, he’s crossing you out of his life for good.
Neat as a pin, he’s thumbs-down on what he considers sloppy housekeeping. An ashtray with just one stubbed-out cigarette in it can be annoying to him, even if it’s just two-seconds old. Glassware should always sparkle and shine. No smudges please.
If you marry a Virgo, keep your kids spick-and-span, at least by the time he gets home from work. Chocolate-coated kisses from Daddy’s little girl go over like a lead balloon. He’ll expect his children to observe their “thank yous” and “pleases.”