Aries Woman Libra Man

Although the Libra in your life may be very compatible, you may find this relationship lacking in some of the things you highly value.
You, who look for constancy in romance, may find him a puzzlement as a lover. One moment he comes on hard and strong with “I love you,” the next moment you find that he’s left you like yesterday’s mashed potatoes. It does no good to wonder “What did I do now?” You most likely haven’t done anything. It’s just one of Libra’s ways.
On the other hand, you’ll appreciate his admiration of harmony and beauty. If you’re all decked out in your fanciest gown or have a tastefully arranged bouquet on the dining-room table, you’ll get a ready compliment—and one that’s really deserved. Libras don’t pass out compliments indiscriminately and generally they’re tactful enough to remain silent if they find something is distasteful.
Where you’re a straight-off-the-shoulder, let’s-put-our-cards-on-the-table person, Libras generally hate arguing. They’ll go to great lengths just to maintain peace and harmony—even lie if necessary. The frank Aries woman is all for getting it off her chest and into the open, even if it does come out all wrong. To the Libra, making a clean breast of everything sometimes seems like sheer folly.
The Aries woman may find it difficult to understand a Libra’s frequent indecisiveness—he weighs both sides carefully before committing himself to anything. To you, this may seem like just plain stalling.
Although you, too, greatly respect order and beauty, you would never let it stand in the way of “getting ahead.” Not one who dillydallies, the Aries may find it difficult to accept a Libra’s hesitation to act on what may seem like a very simple matter.
Money burns a hole in many a Libra’s pocket; his Aries spouse will have to manage the budgeting and bookkeeping. You don’t have to worry about him throwing his money around all over the place; most likely he’ll spend it all on you—and lavishly.
Because he’s quite interested in getting along harmoniously chances are he won’t mind an Aries wife taking over the reins once in a while—so long as she doesn’t make a habit of it.
The Libra father is most always gentle and patient. They allow their children to develop naturally, still they see to it that they never become spoiled.