Aries Woman Leo Man

For the Aries who doesn’t mind being swept off her feet in a royal, head-over-heels fashion, Leo is the sign of love. When the Lion puts his mind to romancing, he doesn’t stint.
It’s all wining, dining, and dancing till the wee hours of the morning—or all poetry and flowers, if you prefer a more conservative kind of wooing. The Lion is all heart and knows how to make his woman feel like a woman.
The Aries lass in constant search of a man whom she can admire need go no farther: Leo’s ten-feet tall—if not in stature, then in spirit. He’s a man not only in full control of his faculties but of just about every situation he may find himself in, including of course, affairs of the heart. He may not look like Tarzan, but he knows how to roar and beat his chest if he has to. The Aries woman who has had her fill of weak-kneed men at last finds in a Leo someone she can lean upon.
He can support you not only physically, but also as far as your ideas and plans are concerned. Leos are direct and don’t believe in wasting time or effort. They see to it that they seldom make poor investments; something that an Aries is not apt to always do. Many Leos often rise to the top of their profession, and through their example are a great inspiration to others.
Although he’s a ladies’ man, he’s very particular about his ladies, just as the Aries is particular about her men. His standards are high when it comes to love interests. The idealistic Aries should have no trouble keeping her balance on the pedestal the Lion sets her on, so long as he keeps his balance on hers. Romance between these two signs is fair give-and-take.
Neither stands for monkey business when involved in a love relationship. It’s all or nothing. Aries and Leo are both frank, off-the-shoulder people. They generally say what is on their hearts and minds.
The Aries woman who does decide upon a Leo mate must be prepared to stand behind her man with all her energies. He expects it, and usually deserves it. He’s the head of the house and can handle that position without a hitch. He knows how to go about breadwin-ning and, if he has his way (and most Leos do have their way), he’ll see to it that you’ll have all the luxuries you crave and the comforts you need.
It’s unlikely that the romance will ever die out of your marriage. Lions need love like flowers need sunshine. They’re amorous and generally expect similar amounts of attention and affection from their mates. Fond of going out occasionally, and party-giving, the Lion is a very sociable being and will expect you to share his interest in this direction. Your home will be something to be proud of. The Joneses will have to worry about keeping up with you.
Leos are fond of their children but sometimes are a little too strict in handling them. The tactful Aries spouse, though, can step in and soothe her children’s roughed-up feelings if need be.