Aries Woman Gemini Man

The Aries woman and the Gemini man are a twosome that can make beautiful music together. Perhaps that is due to the fact that they are alike in certain respects. Both are intelligent, witty, outgoing, and tend to be rather versatile. An Aries woman can be the Ms.
Right that Mr. Gemini has been looking for—his prospective better half, as it were. One thing that causes a Twin’s mind and affection to wander is a bore, and it’s highly unlikely that an Aries would ever be accused of that. He’ll admire the Ram for her ideas and intellect—perhaps even more than her good cooking and flawless talent for homemaking. She needn’t feel that once she’s made that vow that she’ll have to store her interests and ambition in the attic somewhere.
He’ll admire her for her zeal and liveliness. He’s the kind of guy who won’t pout and scowl if he has to shift for himself in the kitchen once in a while.
The fleet-of-foot Gemini man is always on the go. But this does not fluster the speedy, spry Ram who is usually in a hurry herself. She’s always a couple of jumps ahead of him—and if she’s the helpful wife Aries usually are, she won’t mind telling him when and how to jump. They’re both dreamers, planners, and idealists.
The woman born under the sign of the Ram, though, is more thorough and possesses more stick-to-it-iveness. She can easily fill the role of rudder for her Gemini’s ship-without-a-sail. He won’t mind it too much, either. If he’s an intelligent Twin, he’ll be well aware of his shortcomings and won’t mind it if somebody gives him a shove in the right direction—when it’s needed. The average Gemini does not have serious ego hang-ups and will even accept a well-deserved chewing out from his mate quite gracefully.
You’ll probably always have a houseful of interesting people to entertain. Geminis find it hard to tolerate sluggish minds and dispositions. You’ll never be at a loss for finding new faces in your living room. Geminis are great friend-collectors and sometimes go about it the same way kids go about collecting marbles—the more they sparkle and dazzle, the greater their value to him. But then in a day or two, it’s not unusual to find that he has traded yesterday’s favorites for still brighter and newer ones. The diplomatic Aries can bring her willy-nilly Gemini to reason and point out his folly in friendships in such a way that he’ll think twice before considering an exchange of old lamps for new.
Gemini men are always attractive to the opposite sex and vice versa. The Aries woman with her proud nature will have to bend a little and allow her Gemini man an occasional harmless flirtation—it will help to keep his spirits up. An out-of-sorts Twin is capable of brewing up a whirlwind of trouble. Better to let him hanky-pank—within eyeshot, of course—than to lose your cool; it might cause you to lose your man.
As far as children are concerned, it’s quite likely that the Aries wife will have to fill the role of house disciplinarian. Geminis are pushovers for children, perhaps because they understand them so well and have that childlike side to their nature which keeps them youthful and optimistic. They have no interest in keeping a child’s vigor in check.