Aries Woman Cancer Man

It’s quite possible that a man born under this sign of the Crab may be a little too crabby for the average Aries woman; but then, Cupid has been known to perform some pretty unlikely feats with his wayward bow and arrow. Again, it’s the Aries with her wits about her who can make the most out of a relationship with the sensitive and occasionally moody Cancer. He may not be altogether her cup of tea, but when it comes to security and faithfulness—qualities Aries women often value highly—she couldn’t have made a better choice.
It’s the perceptive Aries who will not mistake the Crab’s quietness for sullenness, or his thriftiness for penny-pinching. In some respects he can be like the wise old owl out on a limb; he may look like he’s dozing but actually he hasn’t missed a thing. Cancers often possess a storehouse of knowledge about human behavior; they can come across with some pretty helpful advice for those troubled and in need of an understanding shoulder to cry on.
The Aries gal about to rush off for new fields to conquer had better turn to her Cancer mate first. Chances are he can save her from making unwise investments in time and—especially—money. He may not say much, but he’s capable of being on his toes even while his feet are flat on the ground.
The Crab may not be the match or catch for many a Ram; in fact, he might seem downright dull to the ambitious, on-the-move Aries. True to his sign, he can be fairly cranky and crabby when handled in the wrong way. He’s sensitive, perhaps more sensitive than is good for him. The talkative Aries who has a habit of saying what is on her mind had better think twice before letting loose with a personal criticism of any kind, particularly if she’s got her heart set on a Cancer.
If she’s smart as a whip, she’d better be careful that she never in any way conveys the idea that she considers her Crab a little short on brain power. Browbeating is a surefire way of sending the Crab angrily scurrying back to his shell, and it’s quite possible that all of that ground lost might never be recovered.
Home is an area where the Aries woman and the Cancer man are in safe territory. Both have serious respect and deep interest in home life, and do their best to keep things running smoothly and harmoniously there. The Crab is most comfortable at home. Once settled in for the night or the weekend, wild horses couldn’t drag him any further than the gate post—that is, unless those wild horses were dispatched by his mother. Cancers are often Momma’s boys. If his mate doesn’t put her foot down, the Crab will see to it that his mother always comes first whenever possible.
No self-respecting Aries would ever allow herself to play second fiddle, even if it is to her old gray-haired mother-in-law. If she’s a tactful Ram, she may find that slipping into number-one position can be as easy as pie (that legendary apple pie that his mother used to make).
Crabs make grand daddies. They’re protective, patient, and proud of their children. They’ll do everything to see that their upbringing is as it should be.