Aries Woman Aries Man

The mating of Aries with Aries could lead to some pretty frantic fireworks, but it does not necessarily have to. As strong in her ways as he is in his, the Aries woman will make her Aries man happiest by supplementing his drives and dreams. An Aries woman can understand and respect a man born under the same sign if she puts her mind to it. He could be that knight in shining armor that Aries women are often in search of.
Women born under the sign of the Ram are hard to please and are not interested in just getting a man. They know just what kind of a man he should be and usually do not settle for anything less than their ideal. They are particular. As far as love goes, neither of them shilly-shally with passion.
They play for keeps. An Aries-Aries union could be something strong, secure, and romantic. If both of them have their sights fixed in the same direction and have mutual appreciation for each other, there is almost nothing they could not accomplish. It is a blockbuster of a combination.
However, if the Aries wife chooses to place her own interests before those of her husband, she can be sure of rocking the boat… and perhaps eventually torpedoing it. The career-minded Aries woman, out to do better than her Aries husband, generally winds up doing herself in. He won’t stand for it and your relationship won’t stand the strain it will bring about.
The Aries wife who devotes herself to evenings of bridge will find that she’s burned the one bridge she didn’t intend to. The home-loving Aries man finds hastily scribbled notes on the dining-room table and TV dinners in the freezer equally indigestible. When you get home from that night out with the girls, he’ll take his heartburn out on you in a succession of petty arguments. If you want to avoid burps and bumps in your marriage, be on hand with his favorite meals, snacks, plus a generous amount of affection. The way to an Aries’ stomach is through his heart.
Homemaking, though, should present no problems to the Aries wife. With her, it’s second nature. With a pot of paint and some paper, she can transform the dreariest domicile into a place of beauty and snug comfort. The perfect hostess—even when friends just happen by—she knows how to make guests feel at home and this is what makes her Aries man beam with pride.
The Aries father is young at heart and will spoil the children every chance he gets. Kids take to him like ducks to water. His quick mind and energetic behavior appeal to the youngsters and will keep them active and alert.