Aries: Social Relationships

The Aries person usually has no trouble in making new friends. He is generally outgoing and generous. He enjoys having many friends. People are easily attracted to the Aries because of his bright and pleasant personality. He knows how to make people feel at ease and encourages them in their self-expression.
People often turn to an Aries when they are in trouble. The Aries man or woman knows how to counsel a friend in trouble; he or she is sometimes willing to share the burden or responsibilities of a good friend.
On the other hand, Aries people often make a habit of jumping from one friend to another. As long as a person remains new, interesting, and somewhat mysterious, he remains a friend.
As soon as an Aries becomes aware of this friend’s limitations, he is apt to try to find someone new to replace him. This is the pattern an uncultivated Aries follows in work. As long as the project is new, it absorbs his interest. As soon as it becomes old hat, he turns it over to someone else and starts something new.
Aries make friends quickly. If they are really impressed, they will place the new friend on a very high pedestal. Some Aries become very possessive of their friends and if someone else shows an interest in them, they become rather jealous and resentful. If a friend becomes tiresome or dull, the tactless Aries will not hesitate to handle him in an inconsiderate manner.
Although Aries generally have a talent for making friends quickly, they also are apt to lose them rather fast if they are not careful. Some Aries tend to neglect their friends and acquaintances as soon as something new catches their fancies.
The weak Aries is sometimes a bit of a gossip and finds it hard not to supply others with the secrets of their friends. This sort of Aries person generally takes people for what they appear to be and not for what they actually are.