Aries: Occupation

The Aries is an active, industrious person. He should find a career in which he can best put his talents to use. Although an Aries is apt to have many interests, he should try to find out which interest is the most suited to his actual means and abilities. He is a person who is sincerely interested in getting on in the world and making a success of himself.
The sign of Aries governs the head and the intellect. The person born during the period March 21 to April 20 is usually quite ambitious and enterprising. He is not a person who can sit still when there is something to do. Some Aries have an artistic bent and do well in creative work. Others have some trouble in making up their minds about what kind of work they should do because they are interested in so many things and can handle them all reasonably well. Generally speaking, whatever profession Aries chooses to enter, he makes a good job of it.
The Aries man or woman is never lacking in personality and charm. They are dynamic and creative. Often they do well in work that requires them to come in direct contact with the public. Quite often they are clever conversationalists. They know how to deal with people—how to amuse them, how to convince them. Others often turn to Aries for advice or counsel when in difficulty. The Aries person can usually handle a position that requires authoritative behavior without any problem at all. They make good leaders and advisers. Aries are inventive and forward-looking. They have plenty of energy and drive; many have a talent for successfully realizing their plans and dreams.
Aries is a person of action. Quite often he does well in the military or in organized sports. Some Aries make excellent doctors and nurses. Other do remarkably well as artists and designers. They are a resourceful people—men and women who often know what they want to achieve in life.
The person born under the sign of Aries is more often than not an individualist. He prefers giving orders to taking them. He is not a “group” sort of person. He enjoys working by himself more than working in a team. A modern person, he usually sees to it that he keeps abreast of the new developments in his field.
One fault often found in the underdeveloped Aries is that he will undertake a project with much enthusiasm, then as his interest flags he will readily give it up for something new. In such cases, he will often pass the unfinished chore or project on to someone else. Some Aries make a habit of starting things, then turning them over to others. The sort of Aries who falls into this habit often does it unknowingly. New plans and ideas attract people of this sign quickly. They are always off for new fields to conquer. The strong Aries, however, seldom has difficulties of this sort; he knows how to stick with one job until it is done. He will do his utmost to direct his efforts and energies toward one goal. This sort of Ram makes a success of his life without much effort.
The Aries man or woman is seldom a person who is only interested in work and material gain. He or she knows how to go about having a good time. Some are quite happy when they are able to combine business with pleasure. Aries usually are not hard materialists, but they know well what money can do. They busy themselves earning money, but they sometimes spend it as soon as it comes into their pockets. The Aries man or woman is generally honest when it comes to money matters. If he or she directs him or herself to one goal, there is a good chance that it will be attained without too much effort. Aries has a driving and courageous personality. In work, this often stands him in good stead.
People born under the sign of Aries generally like to be surrounded by fashionable furnishings and the like. Luxury makes them feel comfortable and successful and often has an important influence in making them positive and enterprising. Shabby or old surroundings are apt to depress the Aries person. He is modern and forward-looking; he must live in an environment that is suited to his general disposition.
Some Aries tend to be rather careless with their money. Saving is something of a problem for them. They would rather spend what they earn instead of putting something aside for a rainy day. They know how to live for the moment. The weak Aries often invests unwisely or mismanages his joint finances without regard for his partner or mate. The wise Aries avoids impulsive spending and thinks of the future. He sees to it that he learns how to budget his expenses in an effective manner.