Aries: Love and Marriage

Aries men and women need the spirit of adventure in romance. Aries can pretend to surrender to love’s idyllic dream, seemingly peaceful and lamb-like but never sheepish. Yet the Ram in love is really playing possum, ready to leap passionately toward their heart’s desire.
Aries is generally involved in strong relationships usually with powerful partners, individuals who might be either ruthless or deeply wise. The key to a successful relationship is equality, but many Aries will jockey for position with a mate.
It is often impossible to tell who is the stronger partner. Sometimes the more outwardly bold and aggressive member of the pair is really the more dependent, deep down.
The Aries man or woman can become quite possessive and at times intensely jealous. Also, Aries can become fixated on a loved one who fails to appreciate their worth, someone who does not love or honor them the way they expect to be loved and honored. A mate or partner may find it hard to understand why Aries will feel slighted or wronged for no apparent reason.
Sometimes Aries may resort to unreasonable or childish behavior, pouting and sulking relentlessly, when they feel that a lover is taking them for granted.