Aries: Health

People born under the sign of Aries are generally quite healthy. Their physical condition tends to be good. Still, it is necessary that they take steps not to abuse their health by overdoing. Aries is sometimes accident-prone because he is careless in his actions, particularly when intent on achieving a particular goal. The head and the face are areas of the body that are often injured. It is important that Aries learn to relax. The Aries man or woman usually does fairly well in sports.
Their bodies are generally well-developed and lithe. The Aries constitution is almost always good. He is capable of great physical strength for short periods of time. This, of course, has its disadvantages as well as advantages. Aries can achieve more if he learns how to apply his spurts of strength correctly. Sports where staying power is important are not likely to be ones in which he can excel. The sign of Aries governs the head; nerves, head, and stomach are apt to be the weak points under this sign. Headaches and fevers are not uncommon complaints.
As was mentioned before, it is essential that men and women born under this first sign of the Zodiac learn how to relax. It is often the case that they wear out easily because they are impulsive and headstrong; they do not know how to channel their energies in a consistent manner. This can sometimes lead to a breakdown.
Self-control must also be learned. Sometimes fiery Aries is too free in expressing himself—this can lead to emotional bankruptcy. He is a person who is quick to anger; he worries. Controlling negative emotions is vitally important as bad moods can often affect his health.
Proper rest is vital. Adequate sleep helps an exhausted Aries to regain his strength. A sensible, well-balanced diet is also important. Overeating or immoderate drinking habits can, to some extent, incorrectly influence the general disposition of the Aries man or woman. Aries does not like to be ill. Sickness makes him restless and impatient. He does not like to spend too much time recuperating from an illness. Because of his drive and enthusiasm, Aries often recovers more quickly than others. An illness may strike him hard, but he is soon on his feet again.
Aries generally lead long and active lives; to some, they never seem to grow old. The Aries who learns how to conserve his energies as well as to correctly channel them can add years to his life span. Good health habits should be continually observed.