Aquarius Woman Taurus Man

If you’ve got your heart set on a man born under the sign of Taurus, you’ll have to learn the art of being patient. Taurus men take their time about everything—even love.
The steady and deliberate Taurus man is a little slow on the draw. It may take him quite a while before he gets around to popping that question. For the woman who doesn’t mind twiddling her thumbs, the waiting and anticipating almost always pays off in the end. Taurus men want to make sure that every step they take is a good one—particularly if they feel that the path they’re on is one that leads to the altar.
If you are in the mood for a whirlwind romance, you had better cast your net in shallower waters. Moreover, most Taurus prefer to do the angling themselves. They are afraid if a woman takes the lead. Once she does, he might drop her like a dead fish. If you let yourself get caught on his terms, you’ll find that he’s fallen for you— hook, line, and sinker.
The Taurus man is fond of a comfortable home life. It is very important to him. If you keep those home fires burning, you will have no trouble keeping that flame in your Taurus lover’s heart aglow. You have a talent for homemaking; use it. Your taste in furnishings is excellent. You know how to make a house come to life with bold splashes of color and design.
Taurus, the strong, steady, and protective Bull, may not be your idea of a man on the move. Still, he’s reliable. Perhaps he could be the anchor for your dreams and plans. He could help you to acquire a more balanced outlook and approach to your life. If you’re given to impulsiveness, he could help you to curb it. He’s the man who is always there when you need him.
When you tie the knot with a man born under Taurus, you can put away fears about creditors pounding on the front door. Taurus are practical about everything including bill paying. When he carries you over that threshold, you can be certain that the entire house is paid for, not only the doorsill.
As a wife, you won’t have to worry about putting aside your many interests for the sake of back-breaking household chores. Your Taurus hubby will make sure that you have all the latest time-saving appliances and comforts.
Your Taurus husband will see to it that the children are obedient and respectful. He doesn’t believe in spoiling the kids or in letting them run the household. With a Taurus father, the youngsters will learn to take their place in company of all kinds.