Aquarius Woman Pisces Man

The man born under Pisces is quite a dreamer. Sometime he’s so wrapped up in his dreams that he’s difficult to reach. To the ambitious woman, he may seem a little passive.
He’s easygoing most of the time. He seems to take things in his stride. He’ll entertain all kinds of views and opinions from just about anyone, nodding or smiling vaguely, giving the impression that he’s with them one hundred percent while that may not be the case at all. His attitude may be why bother when he is confronted with someone wrong who thinks he’s right. The Pisces man will seldom speak his mind if he thinks he’ll be rigidly opposed.
The Pisces man is oversensitive at times. He’s afraid of getting his feelings hurt. He’ll sometimes imagine a personal affront when none’s been made. Chances are you’ll find this complex of his maddening. You may feel like giving him a swift kick where it hurts the most. It won’t do any good, though. It would just add fuel to the fire of his complex.
One thing you will admire about Pisces is his concern for people who are sick or troubled. He’ll make his shoulder available to anyone in the mood for a good cry. He can listen to one hard-luck story after another without seeming to tire. When his advice is asked, he is capable of coming across with some pretty important words of wisdom.
He often knows what’s bothering someone before that person is aware of it himself. It’s almost intuitive with Pisces, it seems. Still, at the end of the day, he looks forward to some peace and quiet. If you’ve got a problem on your mind, don’t dump it into his lap at the end of the day. If you do, you’ll find him short-tempered. He’s a good listener, but he can only take so much.
Pisces men are not aimless although they may seem so at times. The positive sort of Pisces man is quite often successful in his profession and is likely to wind up rich and influential. Material gain, however, is not a direct goal for the Fishes.
The weaker Pisces is usually content to stay put on the level where he happens to find himself. He won’t complain too much if the roof leaks or the fence is in need of repair. He’ll just shrug it off as a minor inconvenience. He’s thinking and dreaming about more important things.
The Pisces father, with his live-and-let-live-attitude, is immensely popular with children. He plays the double role of confidant and playmate for the kids. It will never enter his mind to discipline a child, no matter how spoiled or incorrigible that youngster becomes.