Aquarius Woman Gemini Man

The Gemini man is quite a catch. Many a woman has set her cap for him and failed to bag him. Generally, Gemini men are intelligent, witty, and outgoing. Many of them are versatile in several areas. The Gemini man could easily wind up being your better half.
One thing that causes a Twin’s mind and affection to wander is a bore. But it is unlikely that the active, with-it Aquarius woman would ever be accused of being boring. The Gemini man who has caught your heart will admire you for your ideas and intellect—perhaps even more than for your homemaking talents and good looks.
The woman who hitches up with a Twin needn’t feel that once she’s made her marriage vows she’ll have to store her interests and ambition in the attic somewhere. The Gemini man will admire you for your zeal and liveliness and participation in community life. He’s a guy who won’t scowl if you let him shift for himself in the kitchen. He’ll enjoy the challenge of wrestling with pots and pans and recipes. Chances are that he might turn out to be a better cook than you—that is, if he isn’t already.
There aren’t many women who have enough pep to keep up with an on-the-move Gemini. But this should be no problem for a progressive, unconventional Aquarius woman.
The Gemini man is a dreamer, planner, and idealist. A woman with a strong personality could easily fill the role of rudder for her Gemini’s ship-without-a-sail. If you are a cultivated, purposeful woman, he won’t mind it too much. The intelligent Twin is often aware of his shortcomings and doesn’t resent it if someone with better bearings than himself gives him a shove in the right direction— when it’s needed. The average Gemini does not have serious ego hang-ups and will even accept a well-deserved chewing out from his mate quite good-naturedly.
When you team up with a Gemini man, you’ll probably always have a houseful of people to entertain—interesting people, too. Geminis find it hard to tolerate narrow minds and passive dispositions.
Geminis generally have two sides to their natures, as different as night and day. It’s very easy for them to be happy-go-lucky one minute, then down in the dumps the next. They hate to be bored and will generally do anything to make their lives interesting, vivid, and action-packed.
Gemini men are always attractive to the opposite sex. He’ll flirt occasionally, but it will never amount to anything serious.
The Gemini father is a pushover for children. He loves them so much, he generally lets them do what they want. Gemini’s sense of humor is quickly adopted by the youngsters. Like you, he creates a light and airy quality that makes the household vibrant with curiosity and learning.