Aquarius Woman Aquarius Man

Aquarius is extremely friendly and open, even with another Aquarius. Of all the signs, they are perhaps the most tolerant. In the thinking department they are often miles ahead of others, and with very little effort, it seems.
As an Aquarius yourself, you will most likely find your Aquarius friend intriguing, and the relationship between two Aquarius is likely to be twice as challenging. Your own high respect for intelligence and fair play may be reason enough to settle your heart on another Water Bearer.
Aquarius individuals love everybody, even their worst enemies sometimes. Through your relationship with another Aquarius, you’ll find yourself running into all sorts of people, ranging from near-genius to downright insane. And these are all friends that you’ll share in common.
In the holding hands stage of your romance your Water Bearer friend may have cold feet that may take quite a bit of warming up. More than likely, he’ll just want to be your pal in the beginning. For him, as for you, that’s an important step in any relationship—even love. The poetry and flowers stage will come later, perhaps some years later.
Aquarius is all heart. Still, when it comes to tying himself down to one person and for keeps, he hesitates. He may even try to get out of it if you give him half a chance. And as an Aquarius, you may be inclined to do just that. He’s no Valentino and wouldn’t want to be, but then a Valentino isn’t quite what you’re looking for either. In fact, as an Aquarius, you are bound to understand his hesitation—more or less. You are also likely to be more attracted by his broad-mindedness and high moral standards than by his abilities to romance you.
You won’t find it difficult to look up to a man born under your sign, and the challenge is certain to be exciting. He can pierce through the most complicated problem as if it were a matter of two plus two. Others may find him too lofty or high-minded, but you’re pretty much that way yourself.
In marriage you need never be afraid that his affection will wander. It stays put once he’s hitched. He’ll certainly admire you for your intelligence, and don’t think that you have to stick close to the kitchen. Once you’re married, he’ll want you to pursue whatever you want in your quest for knowledge. You’ll most likely have a minor squabble with him now and then, but never anything serious.
Still, even you may find his forgetfulness (added to your own) a little bothersome. His head is so full of ideas and plans that sometimes he seems like the absentminded professor. Kids love him and vice versa. He’s tolerant and open-minded with everybody, from the very young to the very old.
The Aquarius father sees the children as individuals in their own right, not as possessions or as extensions of himself. Like you, he can fascinate the youngsters with a variety of topics and activities. Children of Aquarius-Aquarius parents learn tolerance and equality at an early age.