Aquarius Social Relationships

The average Aquarius is cheerful and outgoing when around people. At home they may be quiet and pensive. Few people understand Aquarius very well, even though they may feel they do. Some Aquarius withdraw so often from social situations that it becomes a permanent habit. Some famous recluses were born under this eleventh sign of the Zodiac.
Because they sometimes keep themselves separate and apart, they seem standoffish and critical to anyone who does not understand them. Aquarius men and women make many friends over a lifetime, but the quality of being unconsciously aloof may make it difficult for anyone to get to know them. Close friendships may be few.
Aquarius is optimistic by nature and always tends to look on the positive or bright side of social situations. This outlook makes it possible for them to get along well with all kinds of people, even if only for a limited amount of time. Some of their friends and acquaintances may seem strange and eccentric to conventional souls and traditional folks.
The Aquarius collection of friends is likely to encompass many extremes of personality types.
Aquarius is a valued friend because of their helpful qualities and tolerant disposition. They are admired by business associates as a rule, and usually sought after in the community.
The average Aquarius enjoys observing humanity in all its forms and variations. He or she is never quick to judge another, for no one is totally bad or good. Aquarius men and women will make excuses for someone if they feel the person really means well. At times, this tolerant attitude works against them. Someone may take advantage of their easygoing ways and play them for a sucker.
Aquarius men and women do not always learn from their mistakes. They are easily moved by hard-luck stories. They are always willing to give someone the benefit of a doubt.
Naturally, Aquarius individuals stick by their friends and acquaintances. Many of their friends are friends for life. Aquarius is loyal and dependable. When friends are in trouble, they can always depend on Aquarius. He or she expects a friend to respect their individuality as much as they respect a friend’s. Aquarius will never meddle in someone’s private affairs but will lend a helping hand if asked.